Syncing With Your Baby

Researchers at Cambridge shows that babies learn best when their brain waves are in sync with their parents

A study completed at Cambridge shows that infants are attuned to baby talk and nursery rhymes.

The research indicates that babies need to feel safe, secure and loved for brain connections to be properly formed to enable them to learn effectively.

The results have come after a baby brain scanning project was completed at Cambridge University.

To a newborn, the world is a rush of sights and sounds, an overload of information. As we know babies eventually start to recognise faces and voices and over the coming months learn how to move, understand languages and make sense of what is around them.

This is a crucial moment in all our lives when important connections are being formed in the brain. A new research project at Cambridge is scanning the brains of babies and their mums while the two are playing and interacting with one and other.

The early indications from the research gather show that when the brain waves of mothers and babies are out of sync, the babies struggle to learn as quickly as they do when they are synced.

Dr Victoria Leong (leading this research project), has discovered that babies learn well when their mums speak to them in a soothing sing-song voice which she calls “motherese”.

Dr Leong’s research shows that nursery rhymes are a particularly good way for the mums in her study to get in sync with their babies.

We here at Baby Bundle will be keeping an eye out for any future development on this research.