An Essential App for New Parents

As the name suggests, Baby Bundle is a one-stop baby app that is packed with features that create a stress free experience for new parents.

We are helping new parents start the year off right with the must have baby app created by Mumsnet. Baby Bundle app aids new parents during the first two years of parenthood. The app is quickly gaining popularity among new parents who are trying to juggle time between looking after their babies, taking a tiny bit of time out for themselves and trying to squeeze in some time for chores or their work lives. Technology has slowly seeped into every aspect of our lives and the thought of using an app that helps care for newborns sounds life changing.

It’s a Life Saver

Imagine being a new parent and not having anyone around to help you with any baby issues. Well, life doesn’t have to be that hard for anyone with the launch of Baby Bundle app for any baby related problems.

Some features that new parents can’t live without include: the Health Reference tool and the Growth Tracker tool.

The Health Reference tool was written by a panel of doctors from Doctor Care Anywhere, parents can refer to the Health Reference to look up an common issues or symptoms their newborns may have. This tool helps parents keep track of any medications their baby was previously prescribed as well.

The Growth Tracker tool is a unique tool that allows parents to track baby’s measurements, which include: weight, length, and head circumference. Parents are also able to compare their baby’s growth to national averages. This is a helpful tool that prepares parents for their next visit to their Health Advisor or GP.

There are very few apps that are able to transform a new parents life with just a simple tap on their phone. Luckily, Baby Bundle helps parents breathe easier and at the same time, it allows them to record every stage their baby goes through. A nifty app that is very easy to navigate, Baby Bundle is becoming one of the biggest networks for parents in the UK.


There is a free trial period of 7-Days. After the free trial of the app ends, automatic enrollment into monthly auto-renewable subscription at £1.49 per month will begin.