10 Tips For Life With A Newborn

Many new parents are not prepared for the around-the-clock feedings, nursing troubles and lack of sleep coming their way. You’ve got the crib made, tiny little outfits washed, stocked up on nappies and cleaning supplies. Everything looks great but what is next? The Baby Bundle App is a quick-fire way to manage all the vital information you need for parent and baby and to help you adjust to life with a new baby. Baby Bundle is also here to bring you useful hints and tips to ease you in to it.

Find time to sleep
Thinking you will have plenty of time to tidy up, prepare food and do all of your other tasks as well as sleep is a myth. A newborn may sleep 20 hours a day but don’t be fooled into thinking it will be much more than an hour at a time. There’s two ways to really survive this: take naps or get help. You will become a pro-napper in a few short days, taking naps wherever and whenever plausible. However, not everyone can take naps and still fit everything in, so look for some help. A supportive partner or relative can be extremely useful to help take a few shifts throughout the day (or night) and can aid in doing other tasks.

Learning the signals
Newborns crave the snug confines of the womb and to soothe any problem the first thing is to re-create the sensations of the womb which triggers the calming reflex in your baby. Once you’ve done this you now have time to assess what is the problem: feeding, nappy, lonely or tiredness. Every baby will have different cues raging from a strong cry or to small hand gestures. Tracking them with the app during the first few weeks will help you identify these cues.

Breastfeeding requires learning and adjusting to get used to what works best for you and your newborn. Unfortunately, no matter how natural and beautiful it maybe it will inevitably hurt in the beginning. Expect your nipples to be painful and crack but have the tools at hand to ease these. It is best to use the app to monitor all of your symptoms as well as the baby’s needs. To ease this you can organise a lactation expert to see you post-delivery and she can help you learn about latching, positioning and milk supply, quickly boosting your confidence to go at it alone.

Round-the-clock tasks
Many of the baby’s needs will require round-the-clock activity. Feeding can be required everyone to four hours, little and often is key. The Baby Bundle App offers useful tools to track the last feed, sleep, nappy as well as how long they have been asleep, their nappy and what they have eaten. Having everything it one place will help you to quickly find innovative ways to manage your time. Not forgetting you can catch up on some reading or your favourite TV shows during these times.

Get others involved
It is important that other people can take care of the baby as well as yourself. Get the father or close relatives involved and get them to spend as much time with the baby as possible. You have carried the baby for nine months, given birth and take on most post-natal duties. Share the duties around and take care of yourself. A happy mother, is a happy baby.

Nappies, nappies and more nappies
Expect to see a whole variety of colours and textures of faeces. Your baby will constantly change the frequency, texture and colour of their stools and regularity will not come for months. This will change as your baby grows and develops. Use the Baby Bundle App to monitor everything you need to know and look for signs of problems.

Take things slow
The first time doing any new task is a challenge. Make sure you are well equipped e.g. nappies, wipes, soft towels etc. and everything is at arm’s reach. Then be careful and be aware of everything around you, taking time in these situations with keep the baby calm and yourself. The task will be easier this way and you will learn much quicker.

Postpartum recovery
No one is prepared for quite how painful and tiring labor is. During the healing period, you need someone to look after you and to avoid over-exerting yourself. Along with the parenting app keeping track of all information so you don’t have to remember everything, it also means you can share it with others so everyone is clued up. Therefore, sit back and let someone take over some tasks whilst you’re recovering. Make sure you are comfortable and care for yourself for at least two weeks before entertaining other people, for this period, you and baby are most important.

Stay sane
Lack of sleep, physical discomfort and hormones can all lead to the overwhelming feeling that you’re losing your marbles. But fear not, prioritise what is most important to you and let everything else go for a while, whilst you do things that will keep you sane. If this is taking 20 minutes out of your day to read, walk or catch up on your favourite show, do it. Not only will this help you feel sane and the baby isn’t taking over your life but it will significantly improve your mood doing something you enjoy every day. Remember, you have the parenting app to help organise your time effectively.

Know you will survive
Thousands of people become first-time mothers every single day and a lot of them go back and do it again. If they can get through it, so can you. The first few weeks will be tough, but you have nurtured the baby for nine months, you can continue. Make yourself a survival package: hydration, comfort and food. Cherish the moment and record everything, time will fly before you know it and you don’t want to miss a thing.