About Us

Baby Bundle was founded by brothers Nick and Anthony von Christierson in early 2013. From the start, the primary goal has been to create a beautiful one-stop mobile toolkit for new parents – essentially making their lives easier through those first two years of parenthood.

As Nick and Anthony began to learn more about the parenting app space, they realised the inefficiencies of other products out there that provided limited functionality, showed clear cultural differences, along with content and medical information that wasn’t localised nor from a trusted source.

After much research and testing, Baby Bundle was initially launched onto the North American App Store in April 2014 with Dr. Jennifer Trachtenberg (Baby Bundle co-founder) and was selected by Apple as an Editors’ Choice app.

Since then, the team has continued to optimise the product and launched “Mumsnet Baby Bundle” in the UK in December 2015 in partnership with Mumsnet, the UK’s largest online parenting community.

Baby Bundle plans to release new features and expand to other markets, which includes re-launching in North America and rolling out onto Android devices. Meanwhile the team will continue their approach of care and respect for their customers to ensure that new parents have the best and latest technology at their fingertips, along with a product that is fully-localised for its audience.