The Essential One Stop Baby App

Monitoring Tools

Parents, nannies and carers can record and edit a baby’s daily activities

Events include Sleeping, Feeding, Nappy Changing and Pumping/Expression

Activity Feed

Track all activities and entries added by multiple users for multiple babies


Proprietary image-rich content posted daily on our Newsfeed

Relevant articles are tagged and surfaced in accordance with your baby’s age and gender


Engage with Mumsnet’s community for parents

Network and connect with other Mumsnetters

Parenting Guide

A guide for all aspects of pregnancy and baby care

Written by mothers, fathers and parenting experts

Particularly relevant and useful for expectant parents

Baby Monitor

Baby Bundle is the first app to integrate a device-to-device streaming baby monitor into a wider platform

Growth Tracker

Record your baby’s Weight, Length and Head Circumference

Compare your baby’s development to national averages

Export your baby’s data and send it to your GP or Health Advisor ahead your appointment

Health Reference

Look up any common ailments or symptoms your baby may have

Written by a panel of doctors and paediatricians

Easily record any past-prescribed medications

Check Up Planner and Vacciantion Schedule

Learn what to expect at each check-up

Link your appointments to your calendar

Learn and record what vaccinations are required and when Know the FAQs to ask your doctor

The Essential One Stop Baby App

  • Monitoring Tools
  • Baby Monitor
  • Activity Feed
  • Health Reference
  • News Feed
  • Growth Tracker
  • Mumsnet Talk
  • Check-Up Planner
  • Parenting Guide